Photos by: Eddie White 
Liberian African Print: Skirt & Headwrap
H&M: Top & Necklace
NYS Collection: Sunnies
Nordstorm Rack: Sandals
NYX Cosmetics: Nude Lip
Happy Monday! While I was up in NYC for Fashion Week, I was able to attend the Essence Streetstyle Block Party. The essences block party is all about showing your individuality and exploring the uniqueness of yourself. A lot of the attendees come out to these block parties to meet and mingle with other Afrocentric minded-individuals. I love that it brings unity to not just African American but other races that attend as well. It makes such a diverse atmosphere and I would attend every year. I was able to shop, take some photos, eat, and meet other unique individuals. 
I would recommend attending next September 2017! 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png

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