Hello Happy Monday! Again Fame & Partners is having a promotional on their new line of formal dresses. The promotional is a competition between fashion bloggers followers ….WHO WANTS TO WIN? especially where you can win a stunning FREE dress just in time for prom or that special occasion. Fame and Partners teamed up with Girlfriend Magazine on their new campaign…….

so hence the new line is called “Girlfriend” (Not only do, I love the name of the line, I literally call my friends or say girlfriend such a catchy line!) the line is engaging it appeals to a trendy girlfriend…… but yet it’s fun silhouettes that will make your night to come out and play!!!!! The bright color-blocking dresses gives you a pop of color that can make you stand out….and allows you to be cool without being cool! Choose your pick from either a two piece, long maxi, or midi dresses. The line gives you options of showing off a little skin or no skin…maybe you want a long maxi skirt paired with a crop top that works with your edgy style…..

Or if you want to keep your look simple and classy with chiffon maxi dress that’s flirty but still gives you such a sophisticated vibe! Can wait to get me a girlfriend dress that’s edgy, flirty, and sophisticated at the same time. For your chance to win a free dress,

Go to Fame & Partners by clicking the link HERE

and either LIKE a dress to get $20 off or SHARE  via Facebook or Twitter – for a chance to WIN it. Like and share as many dresses from the “Girlfriend” Line to win a free dress!

I hope you win, and I’m entering myself to win too! 
See you next time!

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