Forever 21: Cardigan 
H&M: Dress 
Forever 21: Buttoned-Up
 Target: Booties
Forever 21: Necklace 
H&M: Tights 
Happy Thursday! Who does not like the smell of cow manure and loud sounds of cows mooing & roosters crowing! (Okay…let’s be real, we would not miss the cow manure). This burgundy background reminded me of life on the FARM and you have to admit this scene goes very well with my burgundy stockings!!!).  My angle was to combine the look of farm girl meets the 20th century. At first, I wore a black dress and decided to wear a jean button-up over the dress to keep this more of a polished look. Personally, fashion is just playing around with colors schemes and making your own unique clothing statement. Tell me what you think, do you like this combo of brown and black, and burgundy?
Important Note: I’m so happy to finally have a signature for my blog “Fashion Love Akinyi”…Your probably wondering why the heart is black…. I wanted to keep this heart black to compliment the pink, but trust me there is no black hearts over here….hehehe….Have a good day!

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