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Floral can go a long way. The question is, can you wear floral in winter? I’m here to tell you YES YES and YES!!! Introduce spring floral to your winter wardrobe. In pairing floral pieces you must be a tad bit strategic. Here’s what you need to do by being a floral pro: 
1. Compliment your fabric with darker colors that goes with the winter season
2. Cover-Up your floral that you can pair underneath a dress, a cardigan or paired with a blazer. 
3. Adding different textures into your floral look such as velvet like the dress I wore with this floral top. 
4. Have fun with picking the best floral look this winter 

Photos by: Carlton Hart 
What’s your favorite floral look for this winter? 
H&M: Top 
WHO WHAT WEAR at Target: Dress 
Sam Edelmen: Boots 

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