Photo by: Miranda Drummond
H&M: Tee
Salvation Army: Fur Jacket
If you haven’t seen on my Instagram! I love fur I think it should be worn all year long…I mean you might sweat who cares right! So my friend/photographer got this cool fur jacket at the salvation army. I feel like no matter what store I go into whether its clothing, craft,  or even a furniture store I can stop and find a piece/item that can work within  my life. It’s like I have an EYE or something….. Even my nose is mad sensitive, I can smell something a mile away…which is really horrible…lol I should be a agent or something!!!! But anyway, I love this coat so much it literally can go with most of the colors in my wardrobe. This weather is crazy these days I’m still wearing my coats well light coats.
As Spring is here I’m retiring my fall jackets and this fur jacket! So here’s to my fur coats!!!
See you next time!!!
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