Hello All,
A month ago, I celebrated my birthday. So Birthday celebrations are for fun! I love birthdays it’s the best time to enjoy family and friends. I think as I get older I want to cherish real genuine friendships that you can talk to each other in free space. I’ve come across people that want to know everything about me, but have nothing say about their life. It makes me think, they don’t feel comfortable to talk about personal conversations. I feel like a friendship is with friends that you can have serious and not so serious conversations. I know for me I tell to much, which makes me be an open book. I’m stepping back talking less and observing other people. It’s good not always a good thing to say something that can come off in a negative or positive way.

Honestly, it shows growth I realized sometimes I talk about people who rubbed me the wrong which can come off in a negative way. I’m just not going to say, “this person said this” or “this person did this”. I’m looking at in one perspective when there’s two perspectives yours and the other persons. I need to take everything in stride!

For my birthday this what I learned:
-Don’t take everything personally
-Let people talk and have their opinions, you don’t have to agree with their opinions
-Don’t respond to what others say. Just be quiet it’s a good thing!
-Be around positive people that want you to succeed.
-Enjoy life and speak about things that are going to uplift you!


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