Kangol X H&M

Hello All,

This look was fab. I am not really into laid-back looks. If you noticed, I wear tailored, looks that fit my body or combination of sophisticated and street style wear. Although, it is not my thing I decided to do this cool collaboration with the curvy cookie. She suggested that Kangol was selling some items on H&M and I was so into the selections. I picked a few more items that would go with my aesthetics. I cannot wait for you all to see how I put these looks together.

I decided to get a Kangol sweater dress, let me tell you this dress is so comfortable. You can wear this dress all day long and not want to take it off. There is some items that I have worn that I am running to go home and change my look. This dress is so worth it! I paired this dress with the Kangol hat, socks, and my sparkly boots. Let me tell you, we shot this look in Chinatown dc and everyone was like so intrigued by our look. We were getting honking horns and whistles all around downtown dc. I was happy to find a look that was edgy and sporty and still fit both of our body types.

It can be hard to find looks that work for both a plus size and regular size women like our selves. I have found that they do not make enough items for plus size women. It has to be oversight on their part that not having enough inventory for plus size women. I have seen plus-size women rocking looks better than regular size women do. Many plus size women are aware of their body type and are confident in what works for their body type. Since I have started this collaboration, I have so much appreciation for all body types and we all love clothes the same way. No matter what size or shape we are.


How would you wear this Kangol dress?



HM: Dress & Socks

SHOES.COM: Bermuda Hat

ALDO: Boots

Sam’s Beauty: Wig

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