Matchy Matchy by WHO WHAT WEAR….

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The Matchy Matchy look is here to stay! A color uniform can convey a clear message that you want a symmetric color pattern. As I wear my look from Who What Wear a floral blouse and pumps, I can say I am conveying that I want a look that is paired well  together.  And that is in a nut shell the way I put my looks together. Before hand, I will put a look together the night before and I have even gotten better the day of I can whip up a complete look. A head of time, I will think about the color pallette and the colors that will be paired in the same color family.  I will study my looks and have purchased a family color wheel that has helped me through my fashion career. I knew that i wanted to wear jeans so i opted for black jeans. As we all know black literally goes with anything but black to me is more chic.

A recurring theme on this blog has been the matchy matchy look. You can definitely organize your closet with similar color palettes. This will make your life so much easier and effortless in getting ready. It can be a hassle thinking of new looks that are different but with the matchy matchy look you can try without trying. It is the best way to update your wardrobe too!


I have heard alot of people saying, “Just don’t wear anything”. This statement is so true. Make your outfits standout by putting more of an effort in your outfit choices. Trust me people will notice and want to find out the secrets. You can tell them fitsonme has a formula for the matchy matchy look that actually works for anyone’s wardrobe!

How would you wear this matchy-matchy look? 

Photos by: Carlton Hart 


Who What Wear by Target: floral blouse and pumps

Fashionnova: Ripped Jeans

Vintage: Hairband

Sugarfix by Baublebar: Earrings



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