WHAT I WORE: H&M: Pants I Rock & Republic: Sweater I Vintage: Buttoned-Up I Rack & Room: Booties I Forever 21: Bracelets I Monkee’s: Necklace I Dooney & Bourke: Satchel Bag 

          Wrapped in its beauty with a ribbon and a bow
          deception is the veneer of what you don’t know
          and unless your imagination is completely denied
          it’s a package so pretty but empty inside!

Happy Friday! I hope your getting ready for the weekend! As you know, the metallic sweater has been a new addition to the fashion world. Critics have ostracized this type of sweater for being very uncomfortable, stiff, and bulky. I admit that it can be a little itchy; however the solution is to add a shirt underneath. Frankly speaking, I just love how rich this sweater looks. This metallic style is very similar to the sparkly trend in the way it brightens up your outfit. The looks for this particular sweater are endless. You can pair it with black straight legs or even booties. I opted for a funky look with just a dab of color by adding emerald greens and or oranges to compliment the gold sweater. Also, I wore a comfy button-up shirt underneath to alleviate the scratchiness of the sweater. I definitely would recommend the undergarment otherwise you might suffer. Well…what is that famous cliché? Beauty is pain.

                                          Fashion Love,


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