Photos by: Eddie White  
 Nike: Sports Bra
Karen Millen: Jacket  
H&M: Pants 
Maybelline: Lipstick 
Hello Happy Thursday!!! When you realize that you exercise way too much that you’re not taking off your comfy nike sports bra. Honestly, I work out every single day the only day off I give myself is Sunday..I mean I need to rest!!! On the blog, I’m starting a new series called #fitwithfitsonme it’s all about my fitness journey. How I make it a apart of my lifestyle. Before, I use to look frumpy and unhealthy. I try to stay away for my starches and carbs it makes me bloated…I eat healthier foods for breakfast oatmeal with chia seeds and almond butter my favorite. I stay away from rice and eat more salads, avocados, and anything green!!! it’s so hard but I’m getting use to it!
Inspiration for my look: I was looking at other bloggers wearing crop tops and bras. I was saying to myself, I feel a little confident in wearing my sports bra out! It’s so fashionable that I can get away with it wearing it as a top. I’m just showing my stomach…and I’m not 100% fit yet but I’m almost there. But I’m getting there each day cause I’m telling you it’s a process just to be fit. I’m at point where I’m just on feeling good than looking good because that will come afterwards…right!?!?! It’s take time, dedication, and motivation. Ultimately looking your best is really how you feel. I think I feel better than how I was 2 months ago when I was depressed and sad about life and the way I looked. I’m advocate of working out and being consistent in doing so…don’t talk about it be about it…Guess what with patience you’ll get to your goal weight!!! 
See you next time!?!?! 
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