NYFW has been fun! I wasn’t going to go this season. I couldn’t miss the action! I met up with new friends and hanged out with old friends. It was super exciting to go NYFW it’s compared to going to the first day of school, but I’m not the new kid on the block. I was supposed to go NYFW with my friend wasn’t able to go…I went sole this time! Which is super tough not finding someone to take your photos. lol

 Luckily, I found other bloggers that stood around taking a selfie picture. That’s what can spark up a conversation. We saw her struggling taking her own photo, we asked, “hey you want us to take your photo?”.  You know what that’s totally how you end up networking with other bloggers. When I first started blogging, I was a real introvert but I’ve ended up getting out my shell. It takes a confident person not to care about what people think. Going to fashion week has given me that confidence not to really care about other peoples opinions. Cause why do we care about other people’s opinion. It’s really are human nature to take care.

Let’s talk about fashion. The fashion was through the roof. With a mix of everything on the runway there was a little something for everyone this season. From those who want sophistication, suits, flowy dresses, and silk—from colorful coats to good night out look. And for those who prefer something a bit more subtle, there were different types of jackets which are the classic winter essentials. 
In fashion, what’s so interesting that everyone is trying to do the same thing..wearing the coolest outfit and trying to get into the hippest fashion shows. Honestly, it’s so worth it to go these shows gives you the best insight to put together that next outfit. Check out my look, How do you think I styled this look?

Photos by: Denton Taylor 
Vintage: Jacket & Skirt 
Forever21: Bag 

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