Paris Fashion Week: Day 3

Hello All, 

What I love about Paris Fashion Week is that I can literally emulate Parisians style to my own style. Even though my style is simple I can pick a trend by incorporating within my wardrobe. It’s a real skill! For my look, I wore Eva Mendes pleather green skirt that I adore. I was searching and searching for where I could find a green jacket that can go with this skirt. For real, I didn’t need to go far. I had this jacket from the gap which was not the same green. On the runway, I have seen the trend where some fashion collections aren’t doing the matchy-matchy looks. There picking colors in the same or in a similar color family. Guess what?!?! I saved my money by using my leafy green jacket from Gap which is comfortable and warm. 

I love that I could wear this look all day! I had my edgy sparkly booties that were super stylish. I got so many compliments from Parisians that wanted to know where I got these shoes. They were so surprised I got them on sale from Aldo. Nice right! I had my go-to lace top from h&m. For this fashion week, I learned that I can wear a lot of my stuff in my closet just making my whole look super new. Now it’s your turn, Go out there and shop your closet! 

Gap: Jacket 
H&M: Top 
Aldo: Booties 

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