What’s interesting is fashion week abroad?  

When you think of fashion week, you compare all of the latest trends and styles. I honestly love fashion week it helps me to bring out my fashion to a whole new level. I feel like Paris Fashion Week helped me mold my style. Sometimes I want to fit in. I want to buy certain clothing, jewelry, or shoes to be popular. Even to label me by putting myself in this box with other influencers. Guess what that’s not going to make me successful or popular. I need to be myself. 

True story, I was looking on Valentino website to see if I could buy a pair of shoes. I search and search for websites with discounted Valentino shoes. I was so determined to get these shoes at a discounted price. Honestly, These shoes were not in my budget. Even if I put it on my credit card, what does it say about me? It says I want to obtain a lifestyle that I can obtain with my budget. It’s not ideal. It still was way too much but guess what I can always dream one day. I can afford these shoes. So fashion is not about looking rich with designer clothing and shoes. It’s about whether your style is different. Because if i were to break my banking account is not showing my audience how to be stylish. Or by being authentic with my style. I’ve shopped my closet for Paris fashion week. Bought a few items that were under $100. I think these brands overcharge you for their name, not the item itself. I refuse to pay over $100 unless it’s the best item on me! 

My advice is to stay within your budget. But buy clothing that still looks like a designer not where your breaking the bank. I’m always learning how to be different from my ever-changing style. My style is always on budget or frugal! 

See you next time! 

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  • August 19, 2019 at 9:22 am

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