H&M: Sweater I  Forever21: Jean Button-Up I  H&M: Pink Printed Pants I  Dooney & Bourke: Satchel Bag  I Forever 21: Bracelets & Sunglasses I H&M:

Good Morning on this lovely Wednesday. I know it’s fall, but that doesn’t mean I have to be in hibernation with my colors until spring rolls around. I couldn’t resist, I woke-up this morning feeling pretty as pink as my sweater I couldn’t deny, this color from going outside….lol…  It’s refreshing to wear something pink, it really brightens up my day. Really it’s a good way to add color to your wardrobe, but not trying to hard to be fashionable. So go out there and don’t hesistate to follow this color trend.

                                                                                                    Fashion Love,

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