Hello Happy Monday! Meet Kiwanna R. Tolbert, she owns STY’LIN Boutique which is based in Camp Springs, MD. I got the chance to interview her to know more about her boutique.  
1. How did you come up with the name? 
I wanted a catchy name that focused on Style. The name just clicked that all women should be stylish by finding unique clothing that they can style. That’s how STY’LIN Boutique was formed through that concept of styling women. 

2. What inspired you to start this boutique?

 I always wanted to open up my own boutique. So, I took my time with creating STY’LIN Boutique.  I started small by finding shoes that were affordable prices and would re-sell it to people that I knew. Through that it grew into a business with selling shoes which transition into selling jewelry, bags, and clothing.

3. What do you sell at your boutique?
I sell a variety of things from clothing, handbags, and accessories. What I like about my boutique is that their is something for everyone. I take pride in finding unique styles for my clients. One can say, I’m a personal shopper for my clients.

4. What’s your model client that comes into your boutique?
My model client is someone that loves fashion. A fashionista that is wanting to find key unique pieces that she can’t find anywhere else.

5. Do you follow any trends with items in your boutique?
It’s not necessary the trends that I follow. It’s finding pieces that I know will work for the clients that come into my boutique. When buying items, I keep in mind on what client I’m buying for? It works for me, because my clients than tell their friends. By word of mouth has gain me more clients as well as keeping my existing clients. 

6. Do you have any handmade items in your boutique?
During the summer time, I make handmade crochet  items that I sell in my boutique. This includes crochet clutch bags and earrings. Making these items stand out I add my own embellishments (shown below).

7. What’s the most popular item in your boutique?
It all depends on the client that comes into my boutique. What are they looking for that particular day. I have to say, most of my sales has come from these trendy tops like this tie-dye top and python turtleneck sleeve (shown below).

8. Do you do any styling consultations with clients?
I love taking the time to understand,what are my clients needs? I’m always  giving clients styling tips. Also, on my spare time I style on photo shoots. Once a month, I have a pop-up shop party with champagne for a networking events. 

9. Will there be any plans of expanding your boutique?
As for right now, I will not be expanding. I have made connections with the clients that I have in this area. Maybe in the future, I would like to find a place with a comfortable boutique space.

10. What do you want readers to know about your boutique?

I want people to know that STY’LIN Boutique has great affordable prices. We are unique and the items I sell are fashion forward for the everyday women.We stay true to the styles by carrying pieces that clients can ultimately style?…I know that I have done my job by styling YOU! 

Connect with Kiwanna on her social media over at
STY’LIN Boutique 
Twitter: @STY’LIN
Instagram: @stylinboutique

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