Scentbird Review: J’adore Dior

Happy Wednesday! My first ever video review! I found this great way to sample free products on Scentbird,
ScentBird has 3 easy steps:

1. Try a free sample perfume for 5 days 
2. Rate it depending on how it smells on your body 
3. If you don’t like return it and try another sample for free, it’s so simple! 

I love this site you can sample as many free perfume with no addition charge unless you keep the perfume. I tried J’adore Dior, it has such a sweet smell not too harsh. I may keep it well see how my bank account feels, even though the perfume is about $82, which is reasonable for good smelling perfume. It really smells good on my body!

Try your free sample today at ScentBird here!
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One thought on “Scentbird Review: J’adore Dior

  • May 22, 2014 at 2:23 am

    Congrats on your first video review. The video is really on point and thanks for letting us know about Scentbird. I will definitely try them.


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