Photos by: Jeffery Beal
HM: Dress 
Vintage: Vest 
African Store: Donut 
Shoemint: Shoes 
Apar: Clutch 
Stella & Dot: Necklace & Bracelet
Hello Happy Wednesday! I hope your doing well this week! Since fall is approaching, I’m trying to wear all my summer outfits as much as I can. I love fall and I feel like I can still wear this cheetah maxi dress over a nice cozy sweater. What inspires you during the fall season whether it’s fashion, art, or even DIY?….I get inspired by the colors of fall, I feel like each season stays the same just add little dash of this and little dash of that…you still come up with the same renewed looks…My go to colors are always mustards, reds, whites, grays, and maroons…This fall season I’m going to switch up my look still being me, but a nice updated look!
What’s your go to fall looks?
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png

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