Photos by: Carlton Hart 
Forever 21: Coat 
H&M: Turtleneck 
WhoWhatWear: Skirt 
Dollskill: Shoes 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
Maybelline: Plum Lip
Happy Friday! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I needed a break from blogging just to actually enjoy life right now….I really have reflected alot during that time…I really need to have ME time! It’s good to take breaks and come back feeling more refreshed wth new ideas and creativity boosting out of you! Today, I want to feel like the new Akinyi that’s confident loves life..I was at a place I was ok with certain things in my life. I felt like I wasn’t growing. Sometimes you have to close one door to open another door…Otherwise you won’t get to your full potential when you feel stuck! One of my friends told me, just push yourself with blogging. At the time I was not in a god place I was really sad and depressed….I felt like I needed something to distract me at the time. So my baby right now is blogging!!!! And he believed in me cause I felt like some people didn’t believe in me..but least he did! Sometimes you need a cheerleader in your life…you know!!!! I’m just showing all of me which is Akinyi the good the bad and maybe the pretty! Sorry I had to get deep!?!?!
Now about my look, I choose this look, cause I like minimal looks now..I’m all about just adding a pop of color…If you noticed I wear things on repeat. Who doesn’t love faux fur, it’s the best go to for winter. You can dress up and down ultimately you look fabulous! Doesn’t it make you look so chic. I’m telling you all wear this faux fur coat all year long…hehehe What I love about this jacket you can wear it with all black, blues, browns, whites, most colors…This trend won’t go out of style anytime soon! So definitely get this faux fur jacket…Lucky I got this jacket at forever21 for like $19.99….STEAL!?!?!
I hope you enjoy this look!!!! 
See you next time!
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