NYFW: Day 2

Hello All,

I am back and attending New York Fashion. I love going to fashion week it is place that i can be myself.


Every-time I attend I learn so much. What I have learned during this fashion week:

  1. Being around fashion minded people makes me get my fashion inspiration
  2. Fashion week never sleeps
  3. Plan your looks beside on how much your going to be walking. Wear flats as  much as possible.
  4. Take a break from Fashion week go eat with friends and enjoy all of what NYC has to offer.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated and drink a lots of water
  6. Have fun and get inspired

When I decided to come back to fashion week this year. I didn’t think it would be same due to the pandemic. Fashion week seems more strict with having vaccinated cards on hand. Ultimately, keeping everyone safe. I had such a good time meeting new people and hang out with old friends. New York Fashion Week is place to get your fashion inspiration but being in element that breathes fashion. Many individuals have different styles and aesthetics still they put together an outfit in their sleep.

I can’t wait for fashion week next year! Enjoy the photos from fashion week.

Photos by: Jonathan Paul 


Shein Top and Shein shoes: Shein

Skirt: H&M 

Bag: Amazon 

Matchy Matchy by WHO WHAT WEAR….

Hello All,


The Matchy Matchy look is here to stay! A color uniform can convey a clear message that you want a symmetric color pattern. As I wear my look from Who What Wear a floral blouse and pumps, I can say I am conveying that I want a look that is paired well  together.  And that is in a nut shell the way I put my looks together. Before hand, I will put a look together the night before and I have even gotten better the day of I can whip up a complete look. A head of time, I will think about the color pallette and the colors that will be paired in the same color family.  I will study my looks and have purchased a family color wheel that has helped me through my fashion career. I knew that i wanted to wear jeans so i opted for black jeans. As we all know black literally goes with anything but black to me is more chic.

A recurring theme on this blog has been the matchy matchy look. You can definitely organize your closet with similar color palettes. This will make your life so much easier and effortless in getting ready. It can be a hassle thinking of new looks that are different but with the matchy matchy look you can try without trying. It is the best way to update your wardrobe too!


I have heard alot of people saying, “Just don’t wear anything”. This statement is so true. Make your outfits standout by putting more of an effort in your outfit choices. Trust me people will notice and want to find out the secrets. You can tell them fitsonme has a formula for the matchy matchy look that actually works for anyone’s wardrobe!

How would you wear this matchy-matchy look? 

Photos by: Carlton Hart 


Who What Wear by Target: floral blouse and pumps

Fashionnova: Ripped Jeans

Vintage: Hairband

Sugarfix by Baublebar: Earrings




Hello All,

We are back at again with fitsonme X the curvy cookie collaboration. the curvy cookie and I are always searching for looks for the season. We saw many looks on Fashionnova but were so happy with this look.


A sweater dress is a must-have in your closet. These are five reason you need a sweater dress in your wardrobe:

1.      Versatile-You can pair it with short or long boots. It is such a confrontable piece that you can worn in so many ways. I decided to wear this sweater dress from fashionnova with some jessica simpson color blocking snake boots.
2.      Comfortable-This sweater dress is so comfrontable and on repeat!

3.      Keeps you warm-Since it has gotten a bit colder a sweater dress will definitely keep you warm. I like that the sweater dress is made out of sweater material which super stylish at the same time keeps you warm.  That is a winner!

4.      Works with any body type- A sweater dress is a must-have. Depending on your body type, you can find a sweater dress that hugs your hips or more of a loose fit. On the other hand, you can find a sweater dress that zips up, buttons up in the front, or it can have built in sweater belt. Regardless, you will find a sweater dress in many styles and trends.

5.      Seasonal Item-The sweater dress you can wear it in the fall season and into the winter season. You can add maybe a shirt underneath or keep the cardigan that is paired with this look. I like the fact you do not have to find a cardigan it has a matching cardigan that works well with this sweater tube dress. I love it!

How about you go to Fashionnova and find you a sweater dress that works for your body type. Not only that you will be stylish during this winter season!


Fashionnova: Sweater Dress Set

Jessica Simpson: Boots

H&M: Hat






Hello All,

Here with another collaboration with the curvy cookie. We decided to do a matching set from fashionnova and this set is the most comfrontable set for your wardrobe. A timely piece that will never get out of style is the matching sets. The matching set trends will come in different colors and styles. I feel like you can play around with matching sets but still make them sophisticated & chic. In my opinion, matching sets are the best go to look that can help you get ready in a jiffy.


In styling your matching set from fashionnova you can find pieces that will pair well with your look. Find a pair of chic shoes, a cool bag, nice pair of sunnies, and beautiful statement piece necklace. In finding inspiration search for streetstyle looks that are cool hues depending on the season. I picked this cool brown hue from fashionnova it reminded me of the fall or winter season. This matching set can be worn dressed up or down whether your at brunch or a night out. And hence the name of fashionnova matching set is called net nights pant set.

This look can be worn for a night out with friends, brunch, or a doing some errands. You will look cute wherever you go and put together & stylish.

This post features from Fashionnova matching set. Defintiely go now and shop this look.  Fashionnova is having a sale bogo free mix & match use code: bogogift.

Fashion Love,



Fashionnova: Matching Sets

H&M: Hat

Zara: Shoes


Kangol X H&M

Hello All,

This look was fab. I am not really into laid-back looks. If you noticed, I wear tailored, looks that fit my body or combination of sophisticated and street style wear. Although, it is not my thing I decided to do this cool collaboration with the curvy cookie. She suggested that Kangol was selling some items on H&M and I was so into the selections. I picked a few more items that would go with my aesthetics. I cannot wait for you all to see how I put these looks together.

I decided to get a Kangol sweater dress, let me tell you this dress is so comfortable. You can wear this dress all day long and not want to take it off. There is some items that I have worn that I am running to go home and change my look. This dress is so worth it! I paired this dress with the Kangol hat, socks, and my sparkly boots. Let me tell you, we shot this look in Chinatown dc and everyone was like so intrigued by our look. We were getting honking horns and whistles all around downtown dc. I was happy to find a look that was edgy and sporty and still fit both of our body types.

It can be hard to find looks that work for both a plus size and regular size women like our selves. I have found that they do not make enough items for plus size women. It has to be oversight on their part that not having enough inventory for plus size women. I have seen plus-size women rocking looks better than regular size women do. Many plus size women are aware of their body type and are confident in what works for their body type. Since I have started this collaboration, I have so much appreciation for all body types and we all love clothes the same way. No matter what size or shape we are.


How would you wear this Kangol dress?



HM: Dress & Socks

SHOES.COM: Bermuda Hat

ALDO: Boots

Sam’s Beauty: Wig

Garden City

Hello All,

It’s been a long time! I miss the summer! I had a great time shooting with my photographer Carlton Hart a themed Garden Party. We to Downtown DC and found this cool graffiti alley called D.C. Alley Museum  

You’ll find creative content creators individuals taking shots along this alley to get content for their social media. And of course, I’m one of those creative content creators individuals. I decided to pick this garden hanging a door to compliment my all-black attire.

This shoot reminded me of my favorite show Anne of Green Gambles, her fierceness and grace that made her stand out from the rest. I loved how she takes joy in life and adapts so quickly. I could spend hours watching this show! I remember my mom and sister would be glued to the television watching this show on PBS, it was such a remarkable show! I feel now there’s no show like this that had character and quality acting!


My look was kept simple with blacktop from sincerely sally and a high-waisted skirt from who what wear and adding a pop of color of neon slides from Zara. I love how neon can literally take your simple look to become an edgy appeal. I love me some color and you can’t go wrong with adding a pop of color!




What’s your favorite show back in the day?

Also, if you want to get your online fix shop this hip edgy online boutique by going to sincerely sally and at checkout use my 25% discount code: FITSONME25



Sincerely Sally: Top & Necklace

Who What Wear: Skirt

Zara: Neon Slides

Fashionnova & Stripes

Fashionnova continues to build a brand that caters to women with all body shapes. As you go on the site, you’ll find a variety of styles and trends that work for your wardrobe. You want to remember do not be the trend wear the trend as if it was part of your style. I know this can be a difficult task. We see a style on fashionnova and think oh this will work with my style.

Here are five tips: When shopping on fashionnova;

Carlton Hart
1.      Compliments your shape- When shopping on fashionnova  look for styles similar to looks you usually would wear. I look good in dresses because of my pear shape. I picked this striped dress because it would fit and it goes with my style. I tend to pick dresses because they work with my body type.
2.      Pick the right size- I usually always go a size up when picking online shopping. With fashionnova I have had the best time with picking styles and that the style actually fits right. I looked at the product details to determine what fit will work for me. If it has no zipper, I will go with a size medium in dresses. On the other hand, if there is a zipper I will choose a size large so the dress is not too snug. That is where shopping on fashionnova you need to shop smart to avoid returning your items.

Carlton Hart
3.      Compliments with your brand-I want to shop fn with picking styles that compliment my brand. I want styles and looks that are not too showy. So when shopping on fn I pick items that are more covered that compliments my style. I tend to do this to stay true to style and myself.

Carlton Hart
4.      Add to your wardrobe and style-Now if you go with the brand but if it goes with your wardrobe and style that is an absolute plus! If I can wear this in a shoot cool and if I can wear this many times and many ways. Then this looks will work. That is what I love about fashionova they have styles that work with your ascetics.Fashionnova is the ultimate place to cater to everyone’s needs.

Carlton Hart
5.      Have fun shopping and if it does not fit. Return it and pick another style.
As I took my five tips to good use. Shopping on fashionnova was a piece of cake! I found this fun and edgy salsa dress. The perfect fit works with my body type. I was contemplating whether to get a medium or large and I decided to get large. I was right to get size up because this dress had a zipper. I did not want anything short so the asymmetric high low dress is the right length for my brand. Now, I can wear this dress so many ways all through summer into fall by pairing this dress with some falls boots. Definitely, check out how I will style for fall!

Carlton Hart

Photo by:Carlton Hart 

How would you wear this dress?




Series 1: Esp 2 Play With Your Shape…

Hello All,

We are continuing our series 1: Episode 2: ‘play with your shape’

A series on the blog that no matter what shape you still can pick pieces that flatter your body shape. I am collaborating with plus-size blogger Toyin over at the curvy cookie. We both are different sizes but still have a pear shape body. Therefore, with a pear shape, you need to pick pieces that are not too tight but hug you in the right places.

Carlton Hart

Carlton Hart

We choose a tie-dyed maxi dress from fashionnova. I absolutely love this dress it’s super long and hugs both of our pear shapes. I have to say, this is a fun dress that can be dressed up by dressy heels or dressed down by wearing this dress with flats; there is so many possibilities when wearing this dress. In addition, it compliments both of our skin tones and the fun edgy print that you can be worn all summer long. When searching for different styles to add to your wardrobe.

Here are five tips when shopping for new looks:

1.      Ask the questions; will this work in my wardrobe and will I wear this item only once. If you said Yes and No then you are ready for a new piece in your closet!
2.      Can I wear this item in multiple ways or it will only work one way. I love to play around in my closet it makes wearing clothes so much more fun.
3.      Does this item flatter me? I know I have so many clothes in my wardrobe. I tend to buy the same things. I try to stay away from trends unless this trend is a timeless piece. It will never go out style no matter the era.
4.       You do not need to pick pieces that are on-trend because you want to be edgy and trendy. If they do not work with your style, it will not work in your wardrobe.
5.      Have fun picking pieces that add to your style and give your wardrobe an updated look!

Carlton Hart

Carlton Hart
As Toyin and I collaborate finding pieces that flatter both Toyin and I was an actual struggle. We both have different styles and tastes. I’m more conservative whereas Toyin is showier and that is fine. As a blogger, we are all different and express ourselves in different ways. I prefer dresses that our long and Toyin preferred dresses that were short. Therefore, we agreed to disagree. We finally picked this dress that we could agree on. This tie-dyed maxi dress from fashionnova. I absolutely love this dress. We both were able to find this dress in my size and her size, which can be frustrating. Especially, if you find a look that you agree upon which has both of our sizes. It is a win-win situation. For example, I found a piece from fashionnova that absolutely adore but they didn’t have Toyin’s size. It became so difficult at times to agree on a look that worked for both of us.

Carlton Hart

Photos by Carlton Hart 

We finally found this dress that worked on both our body types. Looking for a dress that’s universal can be a hard task. Fashionnova has styles that really do work for regular and plus-size body types. The way to shop this brand is to know your body type, pick a piece that will set your wardrobe apart, and have fun shopping!


Fashion Love,






As we transition into summer to fall soon. We can definitely wear looks that you usually would wear in the summer and maybe transition into fall. For instance, a long maxi dress has so many possible look options. Pair a maxi dress with a sweater, blazer, jean, or biker jacket. You can take a summer look to a fall look in a matter of minutes. It is all about pairing summer items with fall items and you have updated your look instantly.

I found this cool polka dress and floral pumps from target a fun influencer brand called Who What Wear. It caters to regular and plus-size sizes and styles. You can find any item that will compliment your wardrobe and you too will look like a blogger by shopping this brand. Like this polka dress that, I paired with floral pumps. I perfectly matched this look based on the same color family; the floral pumps have some blue that compliments my dress. Let me show you how I mix and match like a pro.

Carlton Hart

Five Tips on Mix and Matching:
1.      Find patterns that will compliment your look, you want the look to match each other and would mostly match in the same color family.
2.      If you do not want to match in the same color scheme family, the same as you would pair solid color. You can do the same way with different patterns. For example, let us say I had a pink polka dress all of your possibilities are endless. Pair the pink dress with either a cheetah, grey, or blue print. These options ideas are the same as if you would of worn your whole look with all solid colors.
3.      Do not try too hard with mix and matching; let it flow with the color scheme. Sometimes you can mix a plain tee with floral/printed shoes. Do not over mix and match where it looks like you are a tacky mess!
4.      Plan your look and try on your look. Therefore, you can make a good decision about mixing and matching. Sometimes you not every mix and matching idea is a good mix and matching idea. So keep playing around with different patterns and textiles until you get the hang of it.
5.      Bringing patterns to your wardrobe can update your wardrobe tremendously. So bring out the floral, prints, and stripes and start mixing and matching like a pro.



Carlton Hart

Now that you have your mixing and matching down…….

Let us get into from transitioning into fall. If I wore this dress in the fall season, I would pair it with black or white boots and cool blazer. Any look you choose can be worn in any season; it is how you wear your look depending on the season. The season is important in how you present your look. For example, let us say I paired this polka dot dress with some fall boots in the summertime. It would look weird to wear boots in the summertime. Always wear items to the season your in and make your look transition smoothly!


Fashion Love,




Who What Wear: Dress & Shoes 

Vintage: glasses