Happy Friday, a couple weeks ago I went to an event called Blogger Scene With A Purpose hosted by three bloggers a sister duo from  The Fashionably Broke and Ashley from Ashley In Dc. We got the chance to look as the sunset went down on the rooftop of Lost Society They did an amazing job of hosting such an informative blogger networking event. In the beginning I felt a little intimidated, but Ashley was so kind and gracious with introducing herself and making me feel welcomed! You never know what to except at these events, but they all had something in common their FASHION BLOGGERS?!?! Mind you, this event was like a mini-conference, by mingling with other bloggers to getting some tips on blogging. 

The finale of the night, we heard from three fashion forward panelist.
First up was Carlene, she gave us some tips about the twitter network and making yourself known on social media. It’s good to follow different fashion influences or magazines on twitter by keeping up with the latest trends. When you do tweet try to share links, tweet and re-tweet, and being involved with conversation that’s relevant to the conversation. 
Next up was Liz, she told us how to schedule between work and school or work and blogging? Which will help in how to better organize your blog post, and a technique of doing so is getting different apps on your phone when your blogging on the go! A big topic to always remember to maintain content. You must know, what your going to blog about by making a calendar which includes having features of other blogs, series on your blog, and editorial post. 

Lastly, Mel shared with us about photography aspect on composition and lighting.  You don’t need to have a fancy camera, you can totally use the camera on your phone. She said, “yes, you should have the best pictures on your blog, but you can buy lighting kits to get the best quality picture”. Also, it’s important to have editing programs especially Photoshop for your photos when needed.
Through this event, I learned that my readers need to know who I am, by being involved, and to just make time. What a great 3-hour event! 

Check out new Blogger Group blog on Fashion Blogger Line 

Photographer for the night John Robinson took extraordinary photos, check out more photos from the event here !

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  • August 26, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    looks fun!! so jealous. can't wait to be back in MD so i can attend these events!xxoo,


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