Day 1: NYFW

Photographer: Mauricio Jorquera
What I Wore: 
Kendall & Kylie: Fanny Pack 
SugarFix baublebar: Earrings 
As you all know I love NYFW. I was missing it from last year. Day 1 was on point. I’m not going to lie. When I first arrived in New York, I was super bummed.  My Airbnb host flaked on me and honestly it’s never happened to me. The host gave me check-in instructions to get into the apartment, I tried calling the host several times and I got no response. I was so nervous. Luckily, I called Airbnb they credited me to get another place in the same area that was way better. All-in-all everything worked out! I went to my first show Indonesia Diversity the collection was unique with flowly and eccentric garments. As the name says it all it was a diverse collection. 

Then later that day, I went to do video shoot with NY videographer Mauricio Jorquera it was a really planned out video shoot. We went around NY and came across some other bloggers from Atlanta. We did a little collaboration with which was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I can’t wait till the video comes out. 

Second fashion show I went Athanasiou was very lively with fun patterns. In the collection there was a lot of jackets, funky prints, and separates that I love you can’t go wrong with a good ole statement pieces. That necessarily can be paired with a day or night look. I could definitely wear some pieces from the collection. Overall the first day of NYFW was epic I’m glad I came this year. 
Enjoy the photos! 

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