Photographer: Hannah C 
Akira: Jumpsuit 
H&M: Shoes
Ross: Sarong 
Hawaii is the ultimate vacation place to relax….key word relax!! I seriously love the air was so cool and refreshing. People in Hawaii are so laid back they take their time. Let’s say, they have an appointment at 5pm it’s more like they arrive exactly at 6pm. They call it here I’m on “Hawaii Time”. I think spending time with family was the highlight of my trip. Especially you live your life and how as a youth to an adult you’ve completely changed. It’s so different I like seeing how my family has grown definitely my cousins. Wishing we had more time to spend with them! 
I really need to make more time to go on vacations,I think this was the best vacation yet. I want to take more time to explore different countries. I think my next stop is Paris!
For my look, I received this jumpsuit from Akira. It’s flowy with it’s light fabric makes it the perfect jumpsuit for Hawaii. I like akira clothing they have a wide selection of women apparel. By looking on the website you can pick that best item that works for you and your body type. I paired it with a sarong it totally compliments my red look. If you don’t have a sarong you definitely need to get one now!!! 

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