Photograpger:Hannah C
What I Wore:
I had an amazing time in hawaii.I went for my cousins wedding,knowing me I had to explore the city of Kailu-Kona,HI. It’s a small town with alot to explore. 
I had way to many Pina Coladas must say those pineapples are super potent making this drink super tasty! The food is always fresh I feel like how the food is prepared they use fresh fruits and vegetables.It makes your meal so enjoyable,maybe because I really love food that’s probably why!?!?!
We went to cool hawaiian museum called daughters of hawaii, I was so mad cause I couldn’t take any photos. Otherwise, it gave the history of queens and princes of hawaii. throughout the museum it showed how they lived which was interesting a lot of artifacts we use today like the dumbells to exercise with, spears made out of wood, huge mortar  used for cooking and spices. This musuem was such an educational experience learning the heritage of the hawaiian people.
The highlight of my trip,I went to the volcano but it didn’t erupt just blowing out smoke. The volcano is a tourist attraction! 
So for my look,I got this skirt from Akira an online fashion website.I knew it would be perfect for my trip to hawaii. It has such cool textures to the skirt that make it so appealing to my body type. I paired it with a one piece that I got at Forever21.I like how this look came together making it the ultimate beach look! 

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