Nordstrom: Gown
NARS Cosmetics: Red lip
JustFab: Clutch Bag
Forever21: Choker and Necklaces
SugarFix by Baublebar: Fringe Earrings

Hello 2018!!!!
This year let’s talk about it! Don’t run after things..what does that mean after a job, opportunties and even a man. If I try at least two times I’m done. Never doubt yourself..if people have an opinion about you. Let them cause that means they have issues.

Surround yourself around friends that actually really give a damn about you. If you see something you don’t like… it’s like relationship just run away. Oh yeah love yourself and be confident…not everyone is going to like you….a nice quote that made me laugh related to this it might mean your overqualified. So I’m overqualified literally!!!!

Don’t waste time on anything. I wish I didn’t waste. Don’t overthink and analyze situations. I’ll sit there and talk to my friends about guys. I think someone likes me and they honestly don’t like me. I keep talking about see…no I know when guys like me they actually communicate and want to be my friend. Man can I just have friend. I don’t want a relationship I want a friend and best friend at that. Oh well just keep trying till I find my friend. Right?!?!?!

I’m going to travel more even if it’s 2 to 3 days. I’m going to get more into travel vlogs  I’m creative and this will help me to explore in directing my own videos. So I’m director you’ll!!!
I’m going to bring more to the blog with adding more of a lifestyle feel with food (I seriously like to cook especially creating my own recipes) and travel. I hope that I can be persistent about my goals. This blog has been my life for 5 years I think another year I can continue to have this blog in my life. Love you FITSONME. 

I hope that you can continue to tune in into my blog.  Definitely send me an email with encouragement and giving me advice. Be my friend this year!
So cheers to 2018!!!!

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