H&M: Jacket
Target: Top
H&M: Pants
Target: Booties
Forever 21 : Accessories
Dooney & Bourke : Satchel Bag

Happy Thursday! This post is dedicated to young lives that have been tragically cut short. I decided to wear this camouflage look because it reminds me of our troops that are fighting, sacrificing, and dying for our country.  Life is very precious and we can go at any time. We can die in a war or even walking down the street.  We often forget what is important in this world and do not think anything can happen to us. Life is too short and we have to live life to the fullest. I really give my condolences to Shane Gandee’s family and friends. He was an upcoming MTV star on the show called Buckwild (and yes, I watched this show…it was completely hilarious) whose life was cut short at 21 years of age.  I really admired his tenacity to not care what people think and just to be himself. RIP…. Shane Gandee.  We all have one life and everyone has an expiration date. Let’s be ready. Have nice day and be safe out there!

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