H&M: Pants 
Vintage: Jacket 
H&M: Top 
Unknown: Shoes 
Rue 21: Necklace 
Forever 21: Bracelets 
Happy Friday!  What color can be worn all year long…you guessed it right. cobalt blue! I wanted to make my look come alive with a color that popped! This electric shade can be paired with absolutely every color imaginable from grays, pinks, reds, and even pastel colors. If you have not noticed, I love to experiment with different colors. As you mix and match colors, you develop an eye for coordinating fly outfits! I decided to use the standard black and white trend and juice it up with a bit of color. I also chose to wear two types of blacks with white stripes so it was not so uniform, but cool! How do you feel about cobalt blue and the black and white trend together, is it a good combo?
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