I’m giving one fashion-minded individual to enter in this NYFW giveaway. To experience a fashion experience like no other!  When I started this fashion week experience, I didn’t think people wanted to actually go to NYFW. Then I realized there’s a lot of fashion-minded people that don’t know the ins and outs of going to fashion week. The going to fashion week is easy. But it’s about the planning process that people are not willing to do or don’t know how to do. There were many years that I didn’t attend fashion week until one day I said…I’m going to fashion week! 

All in all, Fashion week is the place to be. You have individuals that come to slay.
Let’s talk about the process. You have to prepare months in advance.  
The dates are key to attending fashion week. I usually go to fashion week on weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. Attending fashion doesn’t have to be a weeklong stay. Work with dates that your schedule permits. 
Plan your Outfits-I plan my looks the night before or attending a big event. And fashion week is a big event. If you can buy your outfits online or shop at your favorite clothing store, get that accessory, wigs, hats, and find that right bag. When you find that right look. It becomes priceless. 

Write the best pitch Letter-Pitch letter is a must if you’re wanting to attend the fashion week. Get someone to help write the best pitch letter that expresses your personality and illustrates your brand. Make a list of designers that you want to attend their shows. Send emails to the designer’s PR company expressing your interest in going to their show. People don’t realize that you’ll spend hours writing and perfecting your pitch letter. Once, you get a response sometimes you’ll get a no and others a yes. Don’t get frustrated work with the yes’s and find other events that you can attend while in NYC. 

Find a place on Airbnb- I never get a hotel that is too expensive. I love going on vacation and finding that Airbnb. You’ll save money as NYC hotels are expensive. I found this cute place in Manhattan for only $400 for 4 days. What a steal. 

Make a schedule- Based on the dates you attend the fashion week. Make a schedule of shows that you’ll be attending. I put my schedule in a google sheet. That way I can access on my phone, computer, or IPAD. Honestly, it makes you super neat! 

Get Ready- Fashion week is fun & eventful. You’ll network with different people that love fashion much as you do! Don’t get overwhelmed, if you get shy to talk to others. the best way to get a conversation, “I love your shoes. I love sunnies super cute” It’s worked for me every time!  

The take ways from this experience: 
1.      The dates your attending Fashion week
2.      Plan your outfits months in an advance 
3.      Write the best pitch letter
4.      Find a place on Airbnb; find a cheap place that’s in the city Manhattan 
5.      Make a schedule of the shows you’ll be attending 
6.      Get ready to have the most fun as possible in a fashion frenzy environment 
Stay tuned for all fashion week looks on the blog, Instagram (stories)…See you at NYFW!

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