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Fashion Week was full in effect. I had several things going on during NYFW. First, I had an NYFW giveaway which I gave one lucky winner an opportunity to go to fashion week. Honestly, it was the best experience teaching the ins and outs of fashion week. I didn’t realize how much I do to prepare for fashion week. I got a lot of feedback on what to change for the giveaway next time! 
I was contemplating working with this photographer Maurico Sanchez, and then I was like no I need photos. It was so worth it! Maurico had such great energy and made the street style group photoshoot so much fun! Here are the photos from the street style group photoshoot! 
Maurico had us meet at several locations but our first location was at Public Hotels. We found a cool spot near the public hotel’s entrance. A lit-up escalator such a cool shot! 
Our next stop was a cool graffiti wall! 

Maurico was good about moving us from one location to the next! We took this shot near a busy street corner. 

Last stop we went to Spring Studios the NYFW venue location. This location is a good meeting place for other street style fashion-minded individuals. You’ll find anyone from a celebrity to fashion influencer.  It’s a good way to end our group photoshoot! 

Photos by Mau Sanchez 
My friend Kayla over at @imsooverdressed attended NYFW for the first time. Best believe she really enjoyed her time during NYFW. Were now both literally preparing for September NYFW as we speak. You can definitely expect us to come ready for this street style and our looks to be on point. 
Next up was my photographer Carlton Hart from the DMV area got some shots of me! 

I meet some amazing people especially Frank Myrtle, he was so nice and I’m glad I ran into him during NYFW! It looks like we have been friends forever. 

Photos by Carlton Hart 
If you think about Fashion Week is its own engine that keeps on going all week. Being organized and knowing what you want to do all week…It is a must…..The designs were definitely impeccable as well as eye-catching for ready to wear! I can’t wait for September I can even sleep because I’m so excited! 
Akira: Dress & Jacket
Pretty Little Things: Booties 
Amazon: Clutch 
Fashion Love, 
Akinyi @fitsonme

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