Hakan Akkaya makes a statement this FW 2020/2021 season. The Istanbul based designer continues to showcase his designs during NYFW with a jaw-dropping collection that hit the runway. I would say that the collection seemed to be inspired by the gothic Amish chic. But more or less Amish Punk chic with high cut necklines from that century by remixing it to the modern-day! But who doesn’t love black? Black clothing can be worn from day-to-night. This collection showed us that black is still a color that never goes out of style. 

As women, we show so much power in the way we walk, talk, and dress. We women have such a connection with clothing that it makes us feel confident in the way we dress.  In his words, Hakan Akkaya says, “this season, my collection attracts all of the attention of femicide, justice, revolt, and equality. Women who rock the runway – Women who rock the world!”

The collection strongly embraced the androgyny trend.  A lot of the men wore dresses, skirts, and tunic blouses whereas the women had more of a tailored look. Literally, both men and women could borrow some pieces not having any gender limits from the Hakan Akkaya collection. The talented Hakan Akkaya designer made pieces that were ready to wear. It’s hard to find a designer that can possess pieces that can be worn off the runway. Hakan designer made those pieces wearable… 

Many of the pieces had a variety of fitted dresses, capes, and all you can find latex garments making this collection effortless and edgy. The details of each piece showed that the collection was absolutely perfect. 


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