As we transition into summer to fall soon. We can definitely wear looks that you usually would wear in the summer and maybe transition into fall. For instance, a long maxi dress has so many possible look options. Pair a maxi dress with a sweater, blazer, jean, or biker jacket. You can take a summer look to a fall look in a matter of minutes. It is all about pairing summer items with fall items and you have updated your look instantly.

I found this cool polka dress and floral pumps from target a fun influencer brand called Who What Wear. It caters to regular and plus-size sizes and styles. You can find any item that will compliment your wardrobe and you too will look like a blogger by shopping this brand. Like this polka dress that, I paired with floral pumps. I perfectly matched this look based on the same color family; the floral pumps have some blue that compliments my dress. Let me show you how I mix and match like a pro.

Carlton Hart

Five Tips on Mix and Matching:
1.      Find patterns that will compliment your look, you want the look to match each other and would mostly match in the same color family.
2.      If you do not want to match in the same color scheme family, the same as you would pair solid color. You can do the same way with different patterns. For example, let us say I had a pink polka dress all of your possibilities are endless. Pair the pink dress with either a cheetah, grey, or blue print. These options ideas are the same as if you would of worn your whole look with all solid colors.
3.      Do not try too hard with mix and matching; let it flow with the color scheme. Sometimes you can mix a plain tee with floral/printed shoes. Do not over mix and match where it looks like you are a tacky mess!
4.      Plan your look and try on your look. Therefore, you can make a good decision about mixing and matching. Sometimes you not every mix and matching idea is a good mix and matching idea. So keep playing around with different patterns and textiles until you get the hang of it.
5.      Bringing patterns to your wardrobe can update your wardrobe tremendously. So bring out the floral, prints, and stripes and start mixing and matching like a pro.



Carlton Hart

Now that you have your mixing and matching down…….

Let us get into from transitioning into fall. If I wore this dress in the fall season, I would pair it with black or white boots and cool blazer. Any look you choose can be worn in any season; it is how you wear your look depending on the season. The season is important in how you present your look. For example, let us say I paired this polka dot dress with some fall boots in the summertime. It would look weird to wear boots in the summertime. Always wear items to the season your in and make your look transition smoothly!


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