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it has been a long time! I hope that all is well! For a couple of weeks, I have been doing a cool collabo with my blogger friend Toyin a plus-size blogger over at The Curvy Cookie. A new series that I am introducing on the blog called “play with your shape: A Regular & Plus-Size Fashionista. We have been trying to do this collab for a while now but the timing was always off. Our concept for the collabo is to show that no matter what size you are, one can still wear things that flatter their body. I am all about showing my figure in the right way and playing with my shape. Therefore, we decided to pick similar looks from fashionnova a brand that has a variety of sizes ranging from regular to plus size styles. We wanted to show you, the audience that no matter what size you too can be stylish.

Carlton Hart

Toyin picked a dress from fashionnova that was the right length but not too tight. Fashionnova has the variety of styles and sizes for the average women. I love finding pieces on this site that accentuate my curves. Fashionnova has something for every body type that caters to your fashion needs.

Especially for plus size or regular size, you need a material that does not focus on your problem areas. For example, most everyone I know wants to hide his or her problem areas, and honestly, I do not wear things accentuates my stomach (because I have little gut). In addition, Toyin was able to find a dress that was stretchy and firm fitting in the right areas. I really love this dress it flatters her body in the right places.


Now for me, I picked a dress/shirt from fashionnova. I really do not like wearing short dresses so I paired this top with a white skirt. Honestly, it works better with my look. I try to stay away from looks that are short, tight and do not flatter my shape. I have a pear shape figure so I pick looks that compliment and do not take away from my figure. If you find yourself figuring out whether you should wear certain trends or styles.

Carlton Hart

Here are five tips that will help your decision on what to wear:
1.      First, make sure that you feel comfortable in your look. If it feels too tight on your body make some adjustments like maybe pair a dress as a top or pair a short dress with a skirt/pants.
2.      Second, if the look you are wearing does not flatter you. Do not even try to make it work. All you are doing is trying to fit into a glove that does not fit. Especially if you go out or you are doing a photo shoot-wearing things ultimately show how you feel. Feeling uncomfortable will show how to feel that day.
3.      Third, if you have a problem area that you do not want people to see. Do not wear a crop top that shows everything maybe pairs the crop top with a high-waisted skirt or pants that hides this area.
4.      Pick fabrics that are stretchy and breathable. Having a look that moves makes you feel flawless and you can wear this look all day long.
5.      Mix and match different shapes, patterns, and textiles that compliment your look. For example, you have a striped top maybe pair the look with a solid bottom either skirt or jeans. You do not want to look tacky but more or less put together.


Photos by: Carlton Hart 






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